Entry Tool

      Designed with a balance between weight and functional capabilities.  This piece was designed primarily for the US Army as well as Firefighters and EMS crews.  Capabilities that have been tested by the Army and myself personally are as follows but definitely not limited to:


Breaching Doors

Pad locks

Windows in a break and rake situation

Suspended ceiling

Man hole covers

Car doors and windows

Gas Shut off valves


      This tool can be used for any and all prying needs as well as hammering and chopping.  It has also chopped through cinder blocks, mild steel and countless wood products.  Later this week  the entry tool should be tested by the Columbus Fire Department.  After which I hope to have more feed back and additional capabilities.




Overall Length 18

Head Width: 6

Blade Length: 3

Thickness: inch

Steel:  S7

Handle Length: 15

Finish: Wrinkle coat

Weight: 1lb 13oz

RC: 58-60

(temporarily unavailable)