Fixed Blade Knives:

     Are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for life.  No questions asked.  If it fails for any reason send it back and it will be fixed or replaced at no cost to you. 

     Fixed blade sheaths are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of original purchase. 

     Knives are high quality tools and are designed to withstand extreme field use and conditions. With that in mind, it is incumbent upon you the owner to ensure that the knife is kept free of contaminants or corrosive substances.

Free Sharpening:

     Free sharpening service is available which includes the blade edge, and false edge.  All you pay is the shipping of the knife to me.

Regarding  Ranger Knives  e-mail requiring a response:
I will do my very best to answer your email within 24 hours. Please remember that this is  a small company that is growing daily. I also travel to several shows a year. I have to prioritize my response communication thusly and I trust you will empathize with my position:
1. Active duty military presently deployed or alert status
2. Swat and special police/ emergency response units
3. Air and Sea Rescue/ Security groups
4. Any warranty issues or general questions from Ranger Knives, knife owners
5. General questions

If the matter is urgent then please feel free to call.

Care of Equipment:

I  have taken great care to individually hand make this knife combat ready.  In order to keep it in good working order, I  have made a list of some general good care tips which would apply to any tool or knife.

 1. Some of our models have a coating of an Epoxy Base powder coat, which is electrostatically applied and baked on in an oven.  Others or coated with “Gun Kote” from KG Coatings.  Which was originally developed for the military for use in machine gun parts and shell casings. It is industrial strength and the best material I could find.  With any coating it  will  come off the edge eventually.

2. Our blades are made of the best High Carbon Alloy Steel mainly 1095, 5160.  Some of the knives are also made with the best tool and stainless steels available.  With all higher quality knife steels, (including stainless), there may be a tendency for small rust spots to appear, particularly if the blade isn‘t cared for.  In the normal course of use in the field it is wise to wipe off your cutting edges when you're finished using the knife. Virtually anything will work to help prevent or slow rust.  CLP or any other oil that you have handy will do the job till you can get to the rear and use your preferred method of maintenance. 

3. The Kydex Sheath is individually molded for your knife. It is not made to fit other models or types of knives. If during use it becomes dirty or filled with sand, etc., we suggest the following; remove the knife and just run warm water through the open end of the sheath. If the outside of the sheath becomes dirty, a combination of soap and warm water usually does the trick. After washing, allow the sheath to dry completely prior to replacing the knife.

4. Sharpening: I would recommend using whatever you are most comfortable with.  Easy lap, diamond strop, wet or dry stone or if in the field a rock.  Sharpening is one of those “technique” things and everyone has one that works for them.  Field knives used for chopping do not necessarily require a razor edge. I do put the best working edge on the knives. Should you want  a new factory edge in the future, I am happy to do it free of charge for you. Please contact me prior to shipping.