6 Best Chef Knives Under 50 in 2021: The Ultimate Guide for Chefs

A good chef’s knife is an essential part of every kitchen. It will be the knife you use to prepare 80% of your meals from chopping vegetables to dicing meat – pretty much everything except for mincing meat or garlic. A chef’s knife is also known as a cook’s knife or a French knife.

In order to get a good quality knife, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Kitchen knives with just a few dollars can be as good as the ones with $100. The key is to know what you are buying.

In this article, I will show you some of the best kitchen knives under 50 dollars. I’ve selected the most important characteristics that a kitchen knife should have. By considering these important characteristics, I have written affordable chef knife reviews.

6 Best Chef Knives Under 50 Reviewed

  1. imarku Chef Knife – Best Overall
  2. PAUDIN Pro Kitchen Chef's Knife – Runner-up
  3. MOSFiATA Chef's Knife with Finger Guard and Knife Sharpener – Best Knife Set
  4. Findking Dynasty Series Chef Knife
  5. Cutluxe Forged Chef Knife
  6. MAD SHARK Chef Knife

1. Imarku Chef Knife – Best Overall

The number one thing for any chef is a sharp knife. This chef knife by Imarku is made from high-quality stainless steel that maintains its functionality for a long time. To make it stronger, the knife has a higher source of carbon than other knives in its class. The steel is two times as hard as other knives in its class. The cutting edge is razor-sharp and it is designed to be comfortable to hold and use.

The blade is made of 16-18% chrome which gives it a glossy finish that is resistant to fading and discolouration. The HRC of this knife is 56-58 which makes it among the toughest knives in its class. It’s the best chef knife under 50 in terms of toughness.

The handle is also weighted perfectly and is made from Pakka. This should help to maximize the comfort and ease of use of the knife.

The Imarku chef knife is manufactured with high-quality steel that is strong and durable. This knife is perfect for cutting, dicing, slicing and chopping and it can also cut the meat off the bone.

2. PAUDIN Pro Kitchen Chef’s Knife – Runner-up

For a chef who is on a budget but still wants to have a good knife, the PAUDIN Pro kitchen knife may be a perfect choice. The blade is made out of German steel and is 5Cr15MoV. It is durable and will never break.
It is 8″ long, with a blade that is integrated with a soft and comfortable handle that creates a perfect grip. The blade is made of stainless steel, and will not rust from the natural oils in food. All of these features come at an affordable price of under $50.

The PAUDIN Pro chef’s knife is a German steel 8″ knife that comes with an ergonomic handle and soft grip. The blade has a long life which makes it perfect for your everyday kitchen tasks of chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing fruits, vegetables and meat.

3. MOSFiATA Chef’s Knife with Finger Guard and Knife Sharpener – Best Knife Set

The Cutluxe Chef Knife is a high-quality German stainless steel 8-inch kitchen knife that can be used for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing all kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits and bread. It is suitable for both home and restaurant kitchens.

The Cutluxe Chef Knife is 2.5mm thick and has a 14-16 degree German stainless steel blade. The Micarta handle decreases wrist tension and provides a secure, comfortable grip. It is definitely the best value chefs knife, as it also comes with a finger guard, blade guard and sharpener.

4. Findking Dynasty Series Chef Knife

Findking Chef Knife is a knife from Findking’s Dynasty series with a steel core of 9CR18MOV. With an HRC of 60+, the blade can hold an angled edge for longer. Findking uses a three-layer composite that prevents the blade from wearing down, which can happen with many other knives.

The handle is crafted from African rosewood, providing comfort and stability during use. Findking Chef Knife is a strong, high-quality knife that is perfect for everyday use. The blade is very sharp and the handle is designed for comfort.

5. Cutluxe Forged Chef Knife

The Cutluxe Chef Knife is the perfect knife for any kitchen. It is made out of high-carbon German steel and is 56+ Rockwell hardness. This knife is designed to be multipurpose, perfect for slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing.

The knife is also well-balanced, with the weight at the hilt which is essential for a chefs knife. German steel is also high-quality, which will keep it sharp and rust-resistant.

The knife is beautiful, with it being designed with a razor-sharp edge. It is a must-have for any kitchen and will last you long (if with proper care).

6. MAD SHARK Chef Knife

This MAD SHARK knife is a German-made chef’s knife that is designed with quality, wear-resistance, and comfort in mind. The knife is made with German stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and rusting.

Also, the knife is designed with an outstandingly crafted and stunning unique design.

This item also features a premium German HC stainless steel that makes it resistant to wear and tear, which provides durability to the knife. The knife has a symmetrical bevel that is sharp and the knife has a high-quality handle that is comfortable to use.

The knife is decently balanced but would be a bit back heavy for some people. However, the weight of the knife is a good thing because it makes chopping long tasks a breeze.

Chef Knives Under 50 Buyer’s Guide

PAUDIN Pro Kitchen Knife

To put it in a nutshell, a good chef’s knife should be balanced to ensure it feels secure in your hand and is easy to use. It should feel comfortable in your hand, and have a blade and handle that feel nice and sturdy. It should also be made of high-quality materials that are easy to clean and won’t rust.

How to choose a chef knife?

So what should you look for in a good budget chef’s knife? When looking for a budget chef’s knife consider these 5 qualities:

A good weight distribution

This is very important. The weight should be concentrated close to the handle – this will create a good balance and will make it easier to control the knife. The heavier the knife, the harder it is to control. A good chef’s knife should weigh between 6 and 9 ounces.

Good balance

This is something you don’t want to neglect. A good chef’s knife should feel like an extension of your hand. It should be comfortable to use. The handle and blade should feel like they are part of one solid unit.

Comfortable handle

A good comfortable handle is important because you will be holding the knife for long periods of time. You should always try the knife before buying it to make sure that you like the handle. The handle should feel comfortable, not slippery and not too small.

Handle material

A good chef knife handle should also have a good grip (as opposed to slick and smooth), be durable so that it won’t get chipped or cracked over time. For example, wood is a good material for a chef knife handle. As long as the wood is well-constructed and is not hollow, it will have a good grip.

However, wood is not very durable. So, if you don’t take proper care of your knives, the wood handle can get damaged. In this case, a plastic handle is a better alternative.

Durable blade

The blade should be made of high-quality steel (German steel is known for its high quality).

There are two types of steel that are used for making high-quality chef’s knives. These are high carbon steel and high chromium stainless steel. Carbon steel is known for its durability, edge retention, ease of re-sharpening and resistance to rust.

High carbon steel is more durable than high chromium stainless steel, it will keep its edge longer. High carbon steel is usually forged and it takes a razor-sharp edge. High chromium stainless steel is usually made using a sheet metal stamping process and needs to be sharpened more frequently than high carbon steel.

A good budget chef’s knife should be made of high carbon steel.

How to sharpen a chef knife?

There are three basic ways to sharpen a knife:

  • First, you can use the steel and sharpening stone method. In this case, you should hold the knife with both hands and draw it along the sharpening stone in one direction. Make sure that you don’t have a slip, and use different angles, for example, the angle from 45 degrees to 15 degrees.
  • Secondly, you can use a knife sharpener. For this, you should place the knife on the special holder. Then you should run the knife through the sharpener in one direction.
  • Finally, you can use a whetstone. For this, you should put the knife whetstone flat on a dry surface. Then you should run the knife along the whetstone in one direction.

It’s better to clean a knife after each use. You should clean your knife using a sponge, soap and water. However, you should not use detergents or bleach.

Chef Knives Under 50 FAQ

imarku Chef Knife

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail and comments lately about chef knives under $50, which is a great thing. A lot of people are looking for good quality knives but are on a budget. I’ve had experiences with cheap chef knives in the past, and I’ve used them on a day to day basis, so I know exactly what I’m talking about. And now I want to answer some common questions about budget chef knives.

What size chef knife should I buy?

A chef knife is the most common type of blade and comes in various sizes. It’s a multipurpose blade that’s great for a wide range of kitchen tasks, including mincing, chopping, and slicing. When choosing a knife, choose the size that feels most comfortable to you. A smaller knife can be used for detail work, while a larger knife is useful for bigger jobs.

To know which is the appropriate size of the knife to buy, remember to check the length of your hand. If your thumb can reach the centre of the handle, then you are good to go. Traditionally, a chef knife is a knife with a blade length of 6” to 10”.

How much should I spend on a chef’s knife?

If you want a really good chef’s knife, you should be willing to spend at least $100, and maybe $150. However, you can get a decent chef’s knife for as little as $35. A professional chef’s knife is $100-$150.

What chef knife should I buy?

This depends on what you’ll use it for. If you’ll use it to chop a lot of vegetables, then you should buy a chef knife with a wide blade. If you’ll use it to cut meat, then you should buy a chef knife with a narrow blade.

The most important feature to think about when buying a chef knife is the quality of the steel being used to make it. You want a knife that will be able to hold an edge for a long period of time while still being easy to sharpen. The steel quality makes a huge difference in the price of the knife. Good quality steel is more expensive to make, so it will result in a more expensive knife.

Are cheaper knives less sharp?

No, they can be just as sharp as the more expensive ones. You will find that the cheaper knives are made with lower-quality materials. They are usually made of inferior steel that is not quite as hard as high-quality steel, so it takes longer to sharpen and doesn’t hold the edge as well.


Chef knives are the most popular knives in the kitchen. We use them for everyday cooking, cutting meat, chopping vegetables, etc. Knives are a must if you want to improve your culinary skills. There are many types of knives, but the chef’s knife is the most versatile. And it is what you should begin your knife collection with. If you are a chef, you should have a small collection of chef knives. Chef knife is a great all-purpose knife for home use.

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