6 Best Oyster Knives in 2021: Open with Ease

Oysters are one of those things that have only gained popularity in the last decade or two. It seems that people like them but are clueless about how to open them.

In order to open an oyster, you need an oyster knife. Take the oyster knife and insert it between the two halves of the shell. Gently twist the oyster knife back and forth to pry the shell open. Once the shell is open, discard the top half of the shell and use a teaspoon to scoop out the oyster.

To help you find the best oyster knife, I’ve prepared this article. So read my oyster knife reviews to learn more about oysters and how to handle them.

6 Best OysterKnives Reviewed

  1. OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife – Best Overall
  2. Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set – Runner-up
  3. HiCoup Oyster Shucking Kit – Premium Option
  4. Victorinox Stainless Steel Oyster Knife
  5. Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Series Oyster Knife
  6. Rockland Guard Oyster Knife Shucker

1. OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife – Best Overall

If you’re looking for a way to crack open a bushel of oysters, the OXO oyster knife is the perfect tool for the job. Made of sturdy, stainless steel, the knife is durable and strong, and features a soft, comfortable handle that won’t slip while you are using it.

However, if your hands are wet, it can be slippery. You can wrap a piece of nonskid rubber around the handle, so your hands will not slip.

The knife is dishwasher safe, and the bent tip makes prying open oyster shells easier. For the quickest, easiest way to shuck an oyster, the OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife is the perfect tool. It is designed to work through a bushel of oysters.

2. Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set – Runner-up

The Rockland Oyster Shucking Set is a set of gloves with a 3.5 inch Oyster Knife with an easy grip, non-slip handle.This oyster shucking set offers a high-quality knife that is a must for any oyster lover.

This knife is made out of the special EN388 cut-resistant material, which is the highest cut-resistant level on the market. It’s dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean and has a soft handle that is shaped to rest in your hand. The knife is also backed by the lifetime warranty.

This blade is 3.5 inches long, and is made of premium cut-resistant material, 420-stainless steel, and is extremely rigid and wide.

The gloves come in 4 sizes to provide a snug fit for all, but I feel like I should have bought XL instead of L though measurements say it’s L. And don’t expect that the gloves will give you 100% protection – they are pretty lightweight.

3. HiCoup Oyster Shucking Kit – Premium Option

Being one of the best oyster knife sets, the kit includes a professional-grade, one-of-a-kind oyster knife shucker for any oyster connoisseur.

The knife features a blade forged with mirror-finish stainless steel, a pakkawood handle with a guard and comfortable feel, and an oyster shucking glove set.

It even has a guide to help with the process of using the knife. This knife is the perfect size for any oyster and is strong enough to tackle large ones. Overall, the Oyster Shucker seems to combine the best features of other oyster shucking knives.

4.Victorinox Stainless Steel Oyster Knife

The Victorinox oyster knife is a durable, dishwasher safe and sturdy knife that is great for opening oysters and cutting the muscle inside. It is made of high-carbon steel and was created by the world’s most known brand for multi-tools and pocket knives.

Victorinox oyster knife has a compact, sturdy design that’s great for cutting through the small, bony muscles that are found in oysters. The ergonomic supergrip handle is slip-resistant even when wet. It features a high carbon steel blade and is dishwasher safe, and will not corrode. It is also lightweight and has a good grip. What more could you ask for?

5. Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Series Oyster Knife

Dexter-Russell Oyster Knife is perfect for popping open oysters with its curved edge and New Haven pattern, and its anti-slip handle is comfortable to hold. It is the best oyster shucking knife with a very convenient handle.

Much like the oysters themselves, this knife is curved. This knife has a bent tip which aids in popping the oysters open. Made in USA and NSF certified, it comes with a lifetime warranty and features a Sani-Safe handle. The oyster knife is 3 3/4 inches long and, with its durability and quality, is worth the price.

6. Rockland Guard Oyster Knife Shucker – Best Oyster Shucker for Low Price

This item by Rockland Guard is a great oyster shucker to have on hand in your kitchen. With a soft-grip handle and 420-stainless steel blade, the oyster-prying job is made easy.

The blade is thin enough to easily slip between the shells but still strong enough to force the shells open.

This knife is dishwasher safe, so it can be cleaned easily. This oyster-shucking knife is great for not only oysters but clams and other shellfish as well.

Oyster Knife Buyer’s Guide

HiCoup Oyster Shucking Knife & Glove

So, the oyster knife is a short heavy knife with a short, straight, thick blade that is typically 3 to 5 inches long and 1 inch wide at the widest point. What else do you need to know about oyster shucker knives?

How to choose an oyster knife?

Oyster knives are probably the most specialized knives that there are. They are used for nothing more than opening oysters.


The blade of the oyster knife should have a curved edge, which makes it easy to open the oyster and cuts through the hinge. The blade should be curved. It is shaped in such a way that it can be inserted easily between the two shells of the oyster and then twisted to separate them.


The most important part of an oyster knife is its tip. The tip must be sharp and to be able to pierce the hinge of the oyster shell. It must be thin enough to fit between the shell and the meat of the oyster and strong enough to separate the two parts.


The handle should be comfortable to hold and long enough to give you a good grip. Itis usually made of wood or plastic and is oval in shape so that it fits comfortably into the hand.


The knife must be strong enough to pierce the shell. This is a difficult challenge. The oyster shell is made of a material called nacre – a strong mineral, which hardness is measured on the Mohs hardness scale. It ranges from 5.0 to 6.5. This is the same range as fresh-water pearls and opal.

How to shuck an oyster with an oyster knife

If you are using a shell-shucking knife, place the oyster on a flat surface with the rounded side down. It is important that the oyster be right-side-up, as you are going to open it from the top.

Hold the oyster knife so that the blade is pointing downward. The oyster knife should be at a 45-degree angle. With the other hand, hold the oyster steady so that it does not move.

Insert the tip of the knife into the oyster about 0.25 to 0.5 of an inch into the hinge pry the oyster open. Work the knife around the hinge and twist the knife to pry the shell open. Remove the top shell. Use the knife to loosen the oyster from the bottom shell and slide it out.

To make the opening easier, it is suggested to put oysters for about 10 minutes in the fridge. Remember to always wear gloves when handling raw oysters.

Oyster Knife FAQ

Rockland Guard Oyster Knife

Now you know what are the best oyster knives, but still have questions about their usability? Read on.

How to open oysters without an oyster knife?

A regular paring knife will do the trick. However, if you are going to be opening a lot of oysters, then you may want to invest in an oyster knife. Oyster knives are specially designed to help pry open the shell and get the meat out. Before opening, make sure that the shell is clean.

While your regular knife may be inconvenient to use and not sturdy enough, and the shell may damage the top of the blade, I would insist on investing in a professional oyster knife.

How long is an oyster shucking knife?

A professional oyster knife is 3-4 inches long. Be careful of the length of the oyster knife you choose; if it is too long, you can cause injury. When you are shucking oysters, your hand should always be on the hand in front of the knife. A longer knife can be dangerous to the tip of your fingers.

Should an oyster knife be sharp?

The ideal oyster knife should be sharp enough to pierce the shell of an oyster but not so sharp that it would easily cut your hand. A dull oyster knife will not damage the oyster, as it will not cut through the oyster’s shell.

What is the difference between an oyster knife and a clam knife?

Oyster knives are usually made from stainless steel and have a pointed tip for prying open oysters. Clam knives are usually made from stainless steel or carbon steel and have a straight-edge blade for prying open clams. Oyster knives are serrated, and clam knives are straight with a flat thin blade.

Crack It!

Oyster knives are very specialized knives. Unlike most knives which are intended to cut meat and vegetables, oyster knives are designed to crack shells. They are thin and flexible, and they have a curved tip.
The importance of a quality oyster knife cannot be overstated. If you cannot shell your oysters with ease, you will not enjoy your oysters as much as you could. Do you like oysters? I would love to hear what you use to open up oysters with.

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